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World Leading Methodology

Any meaningful automation program requires standard ways of working and the deployment of best practice to ensure that value is delivered.

VOLT is the most widely adopted third party automation methodology, capturing the deep experience of our practitioners and providing users with proven techniques for starting, driving and sustaining automation programs.

VOLT facilitates the ability to scale because effective mentoring requires your teams to work in the same, standardised way. Adopted by global enterprises and consultancies to guide their transformation initiatives, VOLT ensures both strategic and project objects are delivered on time.

On-Demand Automation Support Portal

All practitioners require guidance at some stage of their career.

VOICE is a tool agnostic online support portal, available at all times, globally. VOICE gives your team instant access to our industry leading practitioners to answer questions, resolve queries, arrange step-by-step code reviews and provide real-time mentoring. Built on a credit system, VOICE allows you to manage the distribution of credits within your team, check on who is using them and manage access to the platform.

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Intelligent Automation As A Service

One Portal, One Platform, One Contract. Combining multiple technologies and accelerators including Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) into a single platform.

Designed to maximise robot productivity and seamlessly link disparate tools and technologies, VAAS is available as a service, deployed on-premise or cloud-based.

Robot Minute: Only pay when the platform is delivering value.