Virtual Operations announced as a certified Silver Blue Prism Delivery and Training Partner

LONDON, UK (November 5, 2019) — As a result of delivering outstanding customer satisfaction and highly innovative and transformational intelligent automation (IA) solutions to its enterprise clients, specialist IA products and services firm Virtual Operations, today announced that it is fully certified as a Blue Prism Silver Delivery partner and an authorised Training Partner.

One of the first Blue Prism Partners worldwide since 2012; The announcement reflects and recognises the industry-leading work that Virtual Operations has been delivering to its clients utilising Blue Prism’s connected-RPA software.

Virtual Operations has pioneered Intelligent Automation in 23 countries across 4 continents as part of their process excellence and digitisation programmes and has a 100% track record in automation delivery. Virtual Operations created the first Automation Academy (with 1000+ graduates) and have developed a global 365 24/7 automated support service, in addition to an industry-first utility pricing system for their VAAS platform, where clients can access virtual workers and pay only for what they use. Their commitment to Blue Prism is absolute, with several employees from both a technical and non-technical background having 10+ years’ experience in deploying the software. Virtual Operations’ online Intelligent Automation Methodology (VOLT) is also the most widely adopted in the industry.


There are a number of reasons why clients choose to trust us to help them achieve success through automation with Blue Prism, says James Swinford CEO, Virtual Operations. Our experience, track record and passion are clear, but the two main factors appear to be our ability to take our clients beyond tactical into strategic deployment and our willingness to enable them to become self-sufficient; Blue Prism is the perfect tool to facilitate this.

Even though we are relatively small, we mostly work with Fortune 100 companies and have delivered projects with ROI’s with orders of magnitude of $10’s of millions per annum. We even underwrite these projects because we have the experience the process excellence expertise and we know Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce will deliver. We also know we can combine it with leading edge AI, ML and advanced OCR capabilities.

Tactical RPA is a proving ground, it’s safe, simple and effective. It will also generate cash and momentum. To go beyond that and deliver real value, requires a much deeper understanding and broader set of skills. We have the most experienced Technical and Process Excellence resources and it’s this experience that singles us out. From the moment we arrive, we begin the process of training our clients in how to do this and, when we leave, our clients are fully enabled, typically inviting us back for complex projects or maturity checks”.

“Virtual Operations have demonstrated how our go-to-market strategy enables partners to offer complete enterprise-grade RPA solutions that support customers in some of the most heavily regulated industries in the world,” said Blue Prism. “Together we deliver what’s required to drive RPA innovation, especially for global Fortune 100 companies.”