Winners: Future of Sourcing award for Innovations in Supplier Performance Management

Virtual Operations are honoured to win the coveted Future of Sourcing award for Innovations in Supplier Performance Management at the SIG Global Fall Summit 2019.

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The award derived from a transformational project we delivered for a Fortune 100 FMCG client using Blue Prism software.

Industry Solution

Endorsed by Blue Prism, our work with the client has been used across the industry as an example of how combining automation technologies with Process Excellence can deliver true transformational success

Our client’s goal was to to reduce operational costs by 30-40% and they saw automation as a key enabler for this.

We had established a great working relationship and were asked us to attend an initial workshop to help qualify their existing efforts and then plan and deliver the next steps.

The main objective was use automation to reduce exception handling time so that customer orders could be fulfilled faster and reduce the manpower required for the exception handling process.

Our top down approach to identifying opportunities for automation helped us identify the correct areas to focus our efforts on.

We worked with the client to build on the information they had already gathered and look more strategically at the problem.

Over the following months, our Process Excellence team worked closely with the client, running workshops, understanding the processes at both detailed and holistic levels and creating the operational landscape across multiple geographies to learn more about the end to end process.

The client leadership team had the confidence in us to to look further up the process and, in combination with their SME’s and Process Leads, our Process Excellence team were able to develop a solution that allowed us to automate the root cause analysis for the exceptions as well as the exceptions themselves, meaning we were able to eliminate the vast majority of the exceptions from the process.

By changing the approach to automation and working with the client we were able to not only achieve the 30-40% savings in their operational costs, but we were also able to deliver numerous unseen benefits including $000,000s saved per month by increasing truck fill levels.

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For further information on the summit and our work with the Sourcing Interest Group please click here

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